Our Story

Premier Catering

Growing up in Iowa my family lived farm to table long before it became a movement.  

We ate what was in season and available from local farmers.  Meals were made with love and enjoyed together around a table filled with stories and laughter and gratefulness for what we had.

Having cooked with some of the top chefs in the world and worked on some of the most amazing events, we take those experiences with us and created Food Obsession.

It is these simple joys that have alway fueled my love for food and culinary curiosity - and what's brought me full circle to Food Obsession.  I get excited about food and delighting others with an amazing experience.   

That's my obsession, what's yours?

Daniel A. Vogel

Executive Chef/Owner

What We Do

We take your event, whatever the size and turn it into one that you won't forget and one that your guests won't stop talking about.  From creative and perfect food, to professional service staff, we create the perfect event for you.  We only cook on site, your food never sits for hours, only the freshest ingredients make it into our food.  We all know that planning a party can be stressful, that's why we do the work, you do the fun!  From go, we'll sit down and customize your event, we don't have set menus or guidelines, we create your event based on your wants, needs and budget.  Why pick from a menu, when you can create your own.  We are obsessed with the perfect event And that perfect event is yours!

Meet Cara Carmody

Why would someone with a psychology and education background start a new career in catering sales? After many years volunteering on various boards and committees doing event planning, I realized I have a natural ability to put together a really good party. A successful party consists of good people, good food, and drinks. I love working with people, and would consider myself somewhat of a foodie. Accepting the catering sales manager position at Food Obsession was an easy decision based on my appreciation of Daniel Vogel’s restaurant Obsessed Kitchen and Bar. His menu never disappoints and I can say that I am happy to be a part of their business. Being from the area, I am familiar with many different venues and special places to host events. I can’t wait to help you plan your next event- let’s get this party started!

Cara Carmody

Catering Sales Manager